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 War Memorials of the Parishes


As with most villages,towns and cities in countries affected by World War 1, Penpont, Keir and Tynron each have a memorial to honour the people who gave their lives for King and country.

Keir Memorial was designed by Mr Fergus Currie, is made of Doddington  Freestone and was erected by Messrs Hope & Currie, Sculptors of Lockerbie. The land it stands on was gifted  by Mr Hugh S  Gladstone of Capenoch and the Memorial was unveiled on Sunday 28 November 1920 by Mrs Hunter-Arundell of Barjarg Tower.

On the same day a plaque recording the 13 men was unveiled in Keir Church by Mrs Gladstone. The plaque remained there until 2003 when the church was sold. An elder in the community kept the plaque safe until 2009 when it was placed in Keir Village Hall.

On Sunday 27 March 1921 Penpont War Memorial was unveiled. The bronze sculpture of a British Infantry soldier in full marching order, with arms reversed and his head bowed is the work of Kellock Brown of Glasgow. The cost of the sculpture was £500 with £100 for the erection.

Mrs Wallace, late of Auchenbainze unveiled the memorial. She had played a leading part in the work of the Red Cross during the war.

The address was delivered by Lieutenant Colonel Sir Thomas Kennedy Dalziel, eminent surgeon was performed splendid work during the war. He was knighted in 1917, being only the 3rd surgeon to achieve this honour. He was a local lad and his father, the late Major Dalziel was the tenant farmer at Merkland for many years and had been involved with the Penpont Rifle Volunteers.

In May 1921 a memorial tablet was unveiled in Tynron Church followed by the War Memorial on Saturday 30 October 1921. This was unveiled by Mrs MacRae of Stenhouse who had gifted the site with the address given by Colonel Herries of Spottes.

Also in Tynron Churchyard there is a magnificent tribute in marble to perpetuate the memory of Second-Lieutenant Ivor Alexander MacRae (died October 1914), only son of Mrs MacRae and also her husband (died November 1917).




"They lived, and loved, and died, and now are dust.....

In grateful memory they still live"

We shall remember them.........................

The names on the war memorials of Penpont, Keir and Tynron are currently being uploaded on to the individual pages. Click on PenpontKeir or Tynron to reach these pages.

Full details can be read in the 'Nithsdale Book Series - books on 10 War Memorials and Parish Memories ' by Gladys Cuttle, a member of the Joseph Thomson Group.


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